What types of games are good for stress relief?

Most of us will suffer from stress at some point in our lives whether from anxiety over work, ill health, relationship woes or financial concerns. Finding ways to ease stress can be key to not letting it take over your life. For those who enjoy gaming, the chance to escape into a game can be a very effective form of stress relief. And with our phones offering an array of games at our fingertips it is easy to find one to help you escape your stresses for a while.

Play what you enjoy

The short answer to what games are good for stress relief, is a game you enjoy. Not only will you be familiar with it, so you can get into it straight away, but doing something you enjoy is in itself good stress relief. However, that said, there may be some exceptions to this. Games can bring their own anxieties and these are ones to avoid. For example, if your favorite game includes penalties if you don’t achieve a certain level or play for a set amount of time, it may be best avoided.

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Casual games

At times of stress, you may not have long to play games, but even a few minutes away from your stresses can be beneficial. Games with simple challenges such as Candy Crush that can be stopped or started at any time, may provide effective stress relief as it gives the mind a chance to escape from the stress for a while.

Games with a social element

Stress can be very isolating, so playing games cooperatively can help counter its effects. The support other players give you can help you not feel so alone and forging social links will provide a mental boost that will help lift your mood. 

Even if you are not playing cooperatively, any online socializing involved in games where you can chat with fellow competitors will help ease isolation. Many fans of bingo at online casinos report that the chat rooms are one of their favorite aspects of the game. To find out more about this, it is a good idea to look at Bingo Online, a site that provides bingo game reviews providing information on everything the games can offer.

Skill building games

Puzzle or strategy games such as Big Brain or Sudoku that challenge the mind are ideal for stress relief. The sense of achievement when you learn a new skill or complete a puzzle is empowering, giving you more confidence to face your stresses. It is also possible that in acquiring new skills you find yourself gaining the skills, to tackle whatever is causing stress in your life.

Stress management games

There are a few games designed to help with stress management, helping you acquire useful techniques such as meditation that are beneficial to mental health. Some even include finger sensors or headbands to provide bio feedback so you can be sure your techniques are progressing. 

These games are less mainstream and require other equipment beyond your usual phone, PC or console. But if stress is proving to be a long-lasting problem for you, it may be worth investigating further.

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