3 Reasons Why You Should Not Play Online Poker

Poker is suitable for those who understand well how to play. Suppose you are a beginner; before proceeding, read below to know why we recommend not playing poker at first. Without wasting much time, we have answered all your questions for online poker here. You should try this site happy2hub and connect here to know more about worldupdate and if you use this site you will novelty a lot of material near thewebnews

  • You can’t learn to win

Poker is a challenging profession, requiring a rather complex mix of intellectual and emotional skills. Deep knowledge of the technical subtleties of the game itself, the ability to build balanced strategies and deviate from them, taking into account the weaknesses of opponents, the ability to manage your game funds (bankroll), complete control over emotions both in case of success and failure, strong will is not the most complete, but already a daunting list of job requirements. It takes a lot less to become a good hairdresser.

Not everyone can master poker to start winning consistently. Analysis of large arrays of statistics shows that about 60-65% of all players in poker rooms play in the red. Among those who play regularly, the winning percentage is over 50%, but not much.

Today, most successful gamblers believe that at low limits, that is, in the sport with small stakes. In the same way, a candidate for a master in chess does not believe that an adult cannot play at least by the first grade, while a seventh-grader looks down on the sixth-grade curriculum. Gamers with APM under 300 don’t understand people playing with APM 90 – what is it that is difficult to click on the keys quickly? But man is a rather complex system, and it would be a big mistake to equate everyone by himself. For more information visit this site: f95zone

There are many examples of people with a brilliant education, apparent mathematical ability, nerves of steel and iron self-discipline who have been unable to pass the initial poker limits for years on the poker forums. Perhaps they lack the motivation to work on their game, some empathy that allows them to predict the actions of their opponents, or they do not know how to “grind” – to play many hours of monotonous sessions. You will not be taught how to win online poker and get it right as many things.

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  1. You can lose everything.

As modern scientific studies show, about 1% (and not less than 0.7%) of people are potentially incurable gamblers – gamblers who cannot stop. These people pull the lever of slot machines until their pockets run out of money and sell apartments to buy lottery tickets. When they join the game, they wholly cease to control themselves.

All mentally ordinary people are more or less reckless. We are naturally programmed to fight for life and territory, so we are fully mobilized to win back when we start to lose. In addition, failure hurts our pride, belittles our sense of self-importance, which is an additional motivation to avoid defeat at all costs. Any player – not only in poker, but also in preference, chess, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike, and so on – can remember days (more often, of course, nights – self-control weakens after prolonged wakefulness) when he was in a desperate struggle with a superior opponent, hopelessly lost, but could not stop. Still, in the lives of 99% of people, such cases are rare, and their memories scare, not inspire. Losing is a must in betting and you have to get prepared.

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  • Limited freedom

As you already understood, you need to play and work on the game without interruption. This imposes severe restrictions on the players. If you are tired of winter you cannot go to Italy for a month – only its citizens can play on the Internet from this country. France, Spain, Australia, the USA and several other countries are also cut off from the international market. The unfortunate poker player will have to fly to Montenegro or Mexico and rent a house there to ensure stable and high-quality Internet access.

The daily routine is no longer in your control. No, you can try to play in the morning or the afternoon, but. There may not be a game, or there will be too little of it. The peak of activity on the Internet is evening and night. Professional players, especially those who choose tournament poker, often go to bed at 9-10 am. Evening and night tournaments are much more profitable. When you decide to play online poker remember no freedom for you to travel around the world.

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And, of course, the weekend Friday, Saturday, Sunday evenings are the peak of gaming activity. Your high school friends are going to a pub or karaoke, and you have to choose – go to have fun with them or lose a lot of money, skipping the sweet game on Friday and playing with a heavy head on Saturday.

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The above are some of the critical information you need to know about online poker. As bettors, we have tried to explain some of the information to assist you when betting on online games.

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