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Entrepreneurship: Law and Finance Online Short Course

Entrepreneurship: Law and Financeis a  online course that teaches the foundational skills of entrepreneurship. These include developing your idea, understanding the legal requirements and tax implications, as well as the financial considerations of starting a business. By completing this short course you can equip yourself with knowledge to pursue your entrepreneurial goals with professional seo services confidence.

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As an entrepreneur you face many challenges and unknown risks which is why it’s important to have good legal advice before you start any type of business venture or project. This law course will help you develop the knowledge on how to identify, select, purchase and maintain appropriate types of insurance for your business from start up through growth stages.

Why should you choose this course?

In this short course you will learn:

The basics of the law and how it affects entrepreneurs. The importance of realizing that legal issues can arise at any point in your venture. Understanding the basic components of an effective business plan. How to legally protect your business from outside interference. How to develop a solid and effective system for communicating with your employees, vendors, customers and other stakeholders. The online educator platforms to create and sell online courses  for better understand to Entrepreneurship: Law and Finance Online Short Course.

The basic requirements for business insurance including purchasing liability insurance and protecting your assets from creditors such as taxes, lawsuits or bad debts. Understanding how to use tax planning methods to reduce taxes on income gain during a business’ lifetime.

Course Overview:

This short course is divided into 7 modules that each provide a brief introduction to the topics discussed in greater detail on other modules in this online course. Each module is designed to take students 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The lessons within each module build upon each other, so it is recommended that you complete them in sequence. The sections of this short course include:

Module 1 – Legal Issues and Entrepreneurship

This module will provide you with an overview on the legal issues that entrepreneurs should consider when starting a new business venture. You’ll learn about the role of a lawyer, how to identify problems before they occur, evaluate the costs versus benefits associated with various methods of resolution and how to communicate the risks inherent in your idea or business model to potential investors.

Module 2 – Business Law and Ethics

This module will provide you with an overview of the legal requirements that need to be adhered to in business activities. You’ll learn about the requirement to register a business, how to obtain a business licence, and how to ensure that your employees are legally classified as independent contractors or employees. You’ll also learn about the integrity requirements associated with conducting business, as well as selling and purchasing goods or services and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

Module 3 – Business Succession Planning

This module will provide you with an overview of the various types of liability insurance policies available for businesses. You’ll learn about the various types of insurance that you should consider purchasing, how to protect your assets from liability, and how to avoid some common types of accidents.

Module 4 – Business Insurance

This module will provide you with an overview of the minimum legal requirements for business insurance such as property and liability insurance. You’ll learn about the different types of insurance coverage that a business should consider, as well as how to choose between different levels of coverage. You’ll also learn about the importances associated with purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.

Module 5 – Starting Your Business and Starting Over Again

This module will provide you with an overview of some basic steps in starting your own business or forming a new venture. You can also enrol through selling online courses platform for complete your courses. You’ll learn how to create an effective business plan, and you’ll understand the importance of taking legal protection seriously. You’ll also learn about the importance of choosing a good legal business name, as well as the importance of correctly filing articles of incorporation.

Module 6 – Retail, Distribution and Marketing Law

This module will teach you about the legal issues associated with selling products and services in retail businesses. You’ll learn about the legality of selling certain products that may be prohibited by law, such as medications or alcohol. You’ll also learn about other considerations when selling goods such as warranties, sales tax, breakage and loss to theft.

Module 7 – Tax Law

This module will provide you with an overview of the tax laws associated with operating a business. You’ll learn about the legal requirement to keep books and records, as well as the need to file taxes. You’ll also learn about how to use tax planning methods to reduce taxes on income gain during a business’ lifetime.

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